Blurred Alterations

Using Micron’s Sinus Jitter patch, and my own Max Patch for transforming sound, Blurred alterations could be viewed demonstrating my aesthetic for blending image and sound in an improvisatory manner.


Finished my paper, What are we Improvising With? It was fun to write; I examined artists such as Ben O’Brien, Gunnar Geisse, David Rothenberg, and Eric Lyon. Starting another paper as well – examining collaborative work, which I consider demonstrating a multimedia approach to the composer-performer. Also, researching for a paper – stylistic connections between Eddie Harris and […]

We might have

  This video’s soundtrack was made from combining processed (in Max) pre-recorded harp samples with interview fragments taken by Paul Nataraj, for his You Sound Like a Broken Record project. The image was created in Jitter, based around Andrew Benson’s shifty patch/