We might have

  This video’s soundtrack was made from combining processed (in Max) pre-recorded harp samples with interview fragments taken by Paul Nataraj, for his You Sound Like a Broken Record project. The image was created in Jitter, based around Andrew Benson’s shifty patch/ Advertisements

Imagine, or

  This work manages interaction between a moving image produced in Jitter, and a soundtrack. That track is an arrangement of sounds performed using a Korg VolcaFM, an Organelle, laptop (Max patches), and pre-recorded samples taken from an earlier improvisation between drumset and laptop (myself performing). The Jitter patch used, is built around the ‘attraction_share’ […]

Make Believe

Improvisation is the basic standard form of music all over the world.. people are getting together and making stuff up..they are basically improvising with various amounts of planning. (Rothenberg, 2017) I am currently writing a paper which looks at a selection of projects. These works implement various compositional strategies involving the use of digital and […]