Recent listening pt.2

Ryuichi Sakamoto Async–RemodelsOneohtrix Point Never, Electric Youth, Alva Noto, Arca, Motion Graphics, Fennesz, Johann Johannsson, Yves Tumor, S U R V I V E, Andy Stott, Cornelisu (2017, Commons • Milan), Alva Noto +Ryuichi Sakamoto with Ensemble Modern utp_ (2009, Raster-Noton), Diamond D The Diam Piece (2014, Dymond Mine Records), Giya Kancheli Symphony No.2 (1970), Eddie Harris The Electrifying Eddie Harris, Plug Me In, Silver Cycles, Free Speach, Instant Death, Excursions, Is it In, Playin’ with Myself, Eddie Who? (1968/1969/1971/1973/1974/1979/1986)

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