Recent listening pt.2

Ryuichi Sakamoto Async–Remodels; Oneohtrix Point Never, Electric Youth, Alva Noto, Arca, Motion Graphics, Fennesz, Johann Johannsson, Yves Tumor, S U R V I V E, Andy Stott, Cornelisu (2017, Commons • Milan), Alva Noto +Ryuichi Sakamoto with Ensemble Modern utp_ (2009, Raster-Noton), Diamond D The Diam Piece (2014, Dymond Mine Records), Giya Kancheli Symphony No.2 (1970), Eddie Harris The Electrifying Eddie Harris, Plug […]

Recent listening pt 1

not in any particular order- John Abercrombie / Marc Johnson / Peter Erskine (1989,ECM), Fennesz+Sakamoto (2007, Touch), Scofield, Swallow & Nussbaum Live in Copenhagen (1980, youtube), Fennesz Black Sea (2008, Touch), Eno Textures (1989, Standard Music Library), Eno Thursday Afternoon (1985, E.G.), Sakamoto & Noto Insen (2005, Raster-Noton r-n065), MFDoom Special Herbs Vol.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 (2001-2005, Female Fun/High Times/Nature Sounds/Shaman Works), J Dilla Dillatronic (2015, […]


Here is a screenshot of the Max patch for my work Exsact-0(2018), for tenor saxophone and electronics. This work requires a saxophonist to perform with the patch(above), confronting the player with a range of digital processing techniques; in some cases, the electronic sound which results, can be viewed as extending the saxophonist’s performance. Initially, I envisioned these […]

Current Practice

With regards to my creative practice, I am currently exploring notions of interdependency and musical interaction in two new compositions; a work for piano duo(4-hand) and electronics which will include video, and a cello, piano and electronics work. In both works, I construct the performance system(s) in Max and/or Jitter. My strategy here, when connecting […]

Blurred Alterations

Using Micron’s Sinus Jitter patch, and my own Max Patch for transforming sound, Blurred alterations could be viewed demonstrating my aesthetic for blending image and sound in an improvisatory manner.