note(s) to self

  thinking of sonic arrangement More recently (the past few years) I have been perhaps overly concerned with seemingly conceptual issues which arise in performance and composition when using ‘interactive’ programmes; Max, specifically. Now in my thinking, after a conversation with Ross Feller, I most likely share his opinion on how a computer programme imposes […]

Exploring further

This issue of mixing pre-recorded sound with live sound (at least in my work), can be addressed in ways related to the laptop’s use in a work’s construction (performance and composition, which I view as it’s own distinct role when combined) – ‘modes of behaviour’. Now (at this point in time), it seems useful not […]


Exsact-0 (2018) offers the saxophonist a way to situate themselves within the total configuration between the live performance with their instrument and the electronic sounds managed by the Max patch I have designed. In Exsact-0, the score is meant to provide a player a ‘way into’ managing his/her interaction with a laptop. I began developing this […]

recent artist residency

  Ensemble Mise-en offers short residencies located in brooklyn; mine was intended for designing live electronics for my new 4-hand piano piece. Initially in my thinking, I intended this work to draw from elements of score, Max patch, Jitter patch, and two pianists (one performing ‘inside’ the piano, the other with the keyboard); typically, I […]